About Beresford Comfort Goods

We had been kicking the idea around for awhile. Create a collection of favourite basics. Pieces you use and wear everyday. Make them in Canada. Make them ethically. Create items that add value and comfort. 

Around this time, we travelled to Cornwall, UK. We spent a few weeks camping in Devon and exploring the villages along the coast. One day we came across an 80 year old potter in the town of Lyme Regis. He had been at his craft for over 60 years. The shop is full of useful pieces, crafted with simplicity and care. The integrity of his business rang true. Provide useful quality goods that add value and comfort. That encounter sparked dozens of conversations that eventually lead to the creation of Beresford. 

We started simple,  with the blanket. It's made out of sweatshirt material. It has a way of making you feel at home wherever you are. We are working on a collection of basics, I guess you could call it a comfort capsule that will be available in the near future. 

Beresford, your take anywhere comfort goods. 

(that just happened to be named after an 80 year old British potter)